Camp Letter 2.1

Welcome to the beautiful archipelago of Blekinge county the last week in July 2020. We gather in Blekinge for a week filled up with activities  related to the life at sea.

Date for the camp is the 25th of July – the 1st of August 2020.
In connection to the ordinary dates for the camp we have one precamp the 21 st – 24 th of July for preparations and an after camp the nd – 3 rd of August.

The camp is addressed to sea scouts and scouts interested of sea and inland 
waters. The activities are designed for scouts from 10 years and upwards.

The Camp area/location

The campsite is now booked and we will be at Bagelborg ́s Farm. And we will also have activities at the island Tjärö with possibilities to stay over the night. 

Pagelborg ́s Farm is located between the two cities Karlshamn and Ronneby with about 20 kms to respectively town. 

About Pagelborg’s Farm and Tjärö.

Pagelborg is part of a nature reserve consisting of an about 400 mtrs long ridge with a view over wet lands and pasture lands reaching out to the Baltic Sea. 

Tjärö is one of the largest islands in the archipelago of Blekinge county and here we will spend a lot of time even if we live at Pagelborg ́s Farm on shore side. At Tjärö we have a lot of places for swimming around the island with clear and shallow water. The island is further more a real idyll with it ́s nature.

Program The theme for the camp is Sea Scouting 2020 with activities influenced by the UN ́s Agenda 2030. It is a camp for Sea Scout Groups and Scout Groups dealing with sea or water activities. The program covers the ages from 10 years and upwards. Come on to a camp filled up with adventures and experiences. Here the focus is to challenge you self, learn new things, use your knowledge and have fun with new and old friends. A camp with activities on shore side, at sea, in and under the water.


We are just now searching boats we can use in the sea program. If you will attend with boat, we will appreciate if we can use it in the sea program. 

At the camp we will have two ports, the main port is located in Edstorpsbay /Edstorpsviken and the other one at Tjärö there the boats will more a few hours per day.

At Tjärö we moor to the rocks and for big boats/ships it is mooring side by side along permanent bridges. Shore connections will be available from both rocks and bridges.

At Edstorpsbay /Edstorpsviken the boats will lay at anchors. The is 24 hours watch keeping. Large ships will moore alongside in Jernavik, a yacht harbor 1,8 kms south the main camp.

We will during the camp use the BUS/BMS system when using boats in the program. BUS =Boat Without Skipper means that the group owning the boat allow other persons to act as skipper. BMS means that the owner doesn ’t allow other skippers than their own.

Dead line for preliminary application is postponed and the fee for preliminary application is modified. The camp committee found that the final date for preliminary application was too tight and that the fee for preliminary application could be unreasonably high due to that the Scout Groups not yet don ́t know the number of participants.
Information, application, fees, etc.
Participants to be signed up by respectively sea scout / scout group via scoutnet ( in the application it must be mentioned which scouts and leaders who will attend. Volunteers to sign up individually via scoutnet. The application is valid when the fee is registered at the Swedish Sea scouts Ship Team s bank account. Bank: SEB Account: 5526-10 222 74 or Swedish Bankgiro: 285-0006 If you have questions, please send a mail to 
Fee for preliminary application to be paid together with the preliminary application is 2000 SEK / Scout Group independently of number of participants. The fee for preliminary application to be paid latest the 20 th of February. This will be deducted from the final fee. Last date for preliminary application is the 20th of February 2020 Last date for definitely/final application is the 5 th of April 2020
Fees for the camp week:
  • 1 800 SEK per participant (scouts and leaders) 5-8 days
  • 1000 SEK per participant (scouts and leaders) 1-4 days
  • 350 SEK volunteers for whole week (no discount for shorter attendance)
  • 350 SEK Children to leaders 2-9 years (no discount for shorter attendance)
  • 0 SEK Children to leaders 0-2 years
Volunteers working under pre-camp and/or after-camp may have 50 SEK discount per full day. If they are in duty during the whole pre-camp and after-camp they may have the whole fee refunded. 
Refund to volunteers will be made if we will have some money left after the camp and will be paid back in that order the volunteers have signed up. 
Cancellation of preliminary application can be done until the 20th of February 2020 without any costs. After the 20th of February we don t pay the preliminary fee back.
Camp Letter 3
After preliminary application is fulfilled, we will send out camp letter no. 3