Covid-19 vs Sea20/Sjö20; The time for the sea scout camp is postponed to the summer 2022

We have found that there is a concern among participants to come, partly to travel and partly to socialize while the COVID-19 is circling around the world. Many itineraries have closed and made it difficult for participants to come to Blekinge County in Sweden. We in the camp management must also take responsibility for avoiding the spread of infection.

Sjö20/SEA20 is a large Sea Scout camp where the aim is for Sea Scouts and Scouts with water activities to socialize and learn from each other in Blekinge County and ARK56. With COVID-19 this is not possible. WHO recommends that people avoid gathering in large crowds. In addition, some countries have legislated against large crowds of people. In Sweden, the number is currently 500 people. We take our responsibility and choose not to gather hundreds of scouts in one place.

We have been in contact with the infection control authority in Blekinge County. They inform that at present they do not know what the Pandemic looks like this summer but that the camp at very short notice may need to be cancelled.

Many participants want to come to the camp, but travel routes are closed whilst writing this letter. They need to know already now that the camp will be moved to the summer of 2022

You will not pay any participation fee. On the contrary, you who have paid the registration fee will get your money back as soon as we can manage this. Please send us your bank details for refund to mail

These are the reasons to move the camp to the summer of 2022, the last week of July. We all need to be helped to take responsibility for avoiding the spread of infection and to become infected ourselves. We need to do everything we can to help during these difficulties to take care of our fellow human beings.

The web site will access and continuous updated.
See you in the summer 2022

Fair winds
the staff of SJÖ20 /SEA20