camp program

A camp program with sea and water activities!


Our theme is modern sea scouting
Theme is” Sea scouting 2020” with UN`s Agenda 2030 with Sustainable Development of our world as basic theme. 

The program will be designed for seas scouts and scouts working with water activities from 10 years and upwards. Cub scouts are welcome but have to use the ordinary existing  programme as E.g. Sailing Optimists, Wood Craft, etc.

Come on to a camp filled up with adventures and experiences. Here the focus is to challenge yourself, learn new things, use your knowledge and have fun with old and new friends.  A camp with activities a shore, at sea in the water and under the water. The camp expects that as many scout groups as possible contribute with canoes, kayaks and boats of different sizes and models. You are of course welcome even without boats and canoes.

Sea scout groups coming with their boats expects to let their boats be included in the programme activities.

BMS-boats are boats with skipper. Means that the scout group who is the owner also appoint an own skipper.

BUS-boats are boats without skippers. Means that a scout group borrowing the boat also appoint an own skipper.