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Here you sign up as a corps or volunteer

To go as participant


In order to go as a participating scout or leader, you talk to your leader in your group. It is then he or she who makes the final registration for all participants and leaders from your group  through the Scoutnet registration system

Should the group bring boats?

Of course you should! But it’s not a requirement.

If the scout group has boats that are going to SJÖ20, You’ll need to register them as well in the scoutnet system.

We need to know how many boats you’ll be bringing, what type of boat and whether they require a skipper or not.

Examples of boat registration:

State the amount of boats, type and if you will provide a skipper.
”2 pcs, Orcas, with skipper”
”3 pcs, Avanti, without skipper”

To go as a volunteer


Being a volunteer at the camp means that you will work on keeping the program and logistics floating on the island during the camp. The best thing about going as a volunteer is that you can search into an area you think is fun to work with. Remember that there are many areas to work in, program dep, quartermaster dep, security, port, administration and information.


In order to go as a volonteer, one should be a pioneer / challenger scout or an elder and have searched for a place. All fvolunteers will stay in their own function area. We will have a front camp and an after-school to build up and pack the camp.


We are now searching for more people to the Planing Team

Are you eager to participate in planning and influence from start? Then you may be the one we are looking for

Are the Scout Corps not in Scoutnet?

If your score is not in Scoutnet, send a message to and we will help you!

Together we will build a fantastic Sea20.